Sep. 20, 2018

Fat Pizza Sub Download

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The life at a suburban Sydney pizzeria.

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original title: Fat Pizza

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Thriller

imdb: 7.2

duration: 1h 36min

tags: Fast cars, fast chicks, fast food!

keywords: harekrishna, endangeredspecies, foodintitle, surrealism, clown, wedding, sex, russianmafia, ring, pizzadelivery, paddedstool, invalid, illusionist, drugs, boxing, independentfilm

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The life at a suburban Sydney pizzeria. Saw it last night. Probably one of the best comedies I've ever saw! Last time I have laughed so much was, when I saw Bio-Dome ( 1996 ), but this is even better and not college humor, but more adult. No matter this is a 2003 movie and now is 2006, it sounds very actual and modern.

What a comedy lover could dislike is just and only, if You are intellectual comedy lover ( "Monty Python" series for example ), here the humor is not of that type. But I am not such a person. And I love this movie!

The plot: It is very well organized in my opinion, the story jumps in very dynamic way from one place to another. Especially at beginning. Later there is small lazy, bit boring moments, but it passes.

The characters: This is something I love -- Every movie should have memorable characters. Unique. Well, here everyone is different and cool in his way.

The cinematography: Original. I liked it.

The soundtrack: Well here goes the other advantage of the movie -- there are very very cool electronic ( trance/house probably, did not listened carefully ) songs! If You like this kind of music, You'll gonna dance with the movie. I will try to find these.

For all casual comedy lovers -- A must see!

Ognen_Demon, October 2006

PS: Haven't checked out yet, if this director has more movies, but man if You read this, would like to say -- Keep going! You rule! This piece of worthless rubbish could only be made in Australia. The humour is definitely aimed at the sort of man (I can't imagine any women watching more than 10 seconds of it), who thinks it hilarious to drop his trousers after drinking 15 pints.

Not that the Australian film industry is devoid of humour. "Malcolm" for example, was both clever and funny and an absolute gem. "Fat Pizza" on the other hand seems to have been made in a couple of weeks by someone who's idea of a joke is to say f*** a few times and then bleep it out. There are loads of brain-dead jokes that a four year old would not find funny and if the makers of this film spent more than the price of a can of Fosters on the film sets, they were well and truly ripped off. Despite this, the acting is acceptable and there are some reasonable performances, despite the script.

For the first few minutes I couldn't decide whether I liked the film or not. Sometimes a film can be awful, but work really well, but it soon became obvious that it was trying desperately hard to be funny, and failing. I am not averse to the "no brain required" sort of humour that Hollywood turns out on a regular basis, it's fun and and a bit of light entertainment. This movie, however, is awful and a real chore to sit through. The childish attempts at being (oh so) politically incorrect are just embarrassing. I can imagine that the actors and crew had a great time making this movie, but it simply doesn't work on the screen.

There is nothing else to compare this film to. The closest thing I can think of is if a bunch of not very bright schoolboys trying really, really hard to be naughty, got hold of a camera.

This is the first review I have posted, and that's because this is the only movie I have ever felt angry about wasting my time trying to watch. Don't waste your time or money renting it, just do yourself a favour and avoid this complete rubbish at all costs.


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